Free FMEA Template

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"A failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is a procedure in product development and operations management for analysis of potential failure modes within a system for classification by the severity and likelihood of the failures. A successful FMEA activity helps a team to identify potential failure modes based on past experience with similar products or processes, enabling the team to design those failures out of the system with the minimum of effort and resource expenditure, thereby reducing development time and costs. It is widely used in manufacturing industries in various phases of the product life cycle and is now increasingly finding use in the service industry. Failure modes are any errors or defects in a process, design, or item, especially those that affect the customer, and can be potential or actual. Effects analysis refers to studying the consequences of those failures."

Our Excel-template for failure mode and effects analysis is easy to use and mainly self-explanatory.


  • covers both process- and design-FMEA
  • usable for new products/processes as well as for optimization
  • automatic calculation of the risk priority number (RPN)
  • integrated actionlist to follow up remedial measures
  • automatic sorting function for the main fields

Click on the following link to download our free FMEA-template.

FMEA template